1. go by, move past, flow, roll, run, stream, course; glide, slide, sweep, drift; proceed, progress, advance, gain ground; move onward, work one's way, wend one's way; run along, hie, hasten, make haste, hurry along, jog along, rush, zip, fly, swoosh, whoosh.
2. disregard, overlook, pass over, omit; skip, miss, let go, let slip, waive; slight, snub, brush off, blink at; slur over, gloss over, skip over; ignore, not heed, pay no attention to, turn a deaf ear to, close one's eyes to, be blind to; put aside, push aside, forget, drop, shelve; Inf. pass the buck, shift, Inf. buck; avoid, evade, shun, elude, dodge.
3. traverse, go over, go across, cross, ford; cut across, get through, make it over; overpass, overleap, overjump.
4. qualify, satisfy, succeed, graduate; accomplish, achieve, finish, reach, Sl. connect, Sl. click, Sl. make a hit; come through, get through, pass with flying colors, Sl. ace; Sl. hook, Inf. get by, pass by the skin of one's teeth, Sl. cut it, Sl. hack it; stand the test, meet the requirements, come up to scratch; hold up, stand up, endure, live through.
5. transcend, surmount, exceed, surpass, excel, go further, go one better; outgo, override, outstrip, overtake, take the lead; overrun, overstep, overshoot, overreach; outdistance, distance, get ahead of, get in front of, lap, overlap, leave in the lurch.
6. spend, occupy, employ, use, take up, fill; while, bide, beguile; squander, fritter away, dissipate, kill.
7. spread, circulate, disseminate, propagate, pass out; vent, air, promulgate, report, make known, tell; publicize, make public, broadcast; herald, blazon, trumpet, bruit, hawk; divulge, put forth, bring into the-open, bring to the public eye; advance, promote.
8. gain currency, be current, go about, circulate, get afloat, go down; be the rage, have a run, be on everybody's lips, be the talk of the town; go the rounds, go from mouth to mouth, spread like wildfire.
9. convey, transfer, transmit, consign, grant; deliver, render, put in the hands of, hand over, give over; forward, send, post; give, confer, present.
10. discharge, void, expel, eliminate, empty; eject, egest, emit, evacuate, defecate; excrete, stool, go to stool, ease oneself, move one's bowels, empty one's bowels.
11. sanction, accept, approve, ratify, legislate, adopt; legalize, legitimate, clear, validate; charter, license, empower, warrant, authorize; decree, ordain, prescribe, enforce; enact, formulate, set up, institute, establish, constitute.
12. express, pronounce, offer, deliver, announce, annunciate, aver; impart, utter, declare, state, speak, make known, declaim; voice, communicate, articulate, enunciate, enounce.
13. depart, go away, leave, go out, exit; go forth, go off, be off, set out, set forth; withdraw, retire, recede, abscond, retreat; decamp, abandon, take off, Jocular. absquatulate.
14. die, perish, pass away, pass on, expire, succumb; come to an end, end, cease, terminate, go; be gone, be all over, come to naught, be all up with; run out, come to a close, draw to a close, blow over; run its course, elapse, lapse, become void; dissolve, melt; sink, recede, ebb, Inf. peter out; vanish, disappear, fade away, die out, become extinct; evanesce, evaporate, go up in smoke.
15. elapse, pass away, flow, lapse; crawl, drag, linger; slip by, glide, flit, fleet, drift; endure, last, continue, go on.
16. interchange, exchange, alternate, reciprocate, change; go to and fro, go back and forth, come and go; trade, bandy, traffic, counterchange; dicker, swap, barter.
17. convert, change, alter, vary; transmute, transform, metamorphose, transfigure, metabolize; transubstantiate, transmogrify, translate; become, turn, turn into, grow, mellow, ripen.
18. go unheeded, go unnoticed, escape notice, not enter one's head; slip by, sneak by, get by, get around; go unchallenged, go uncensored, let it pass, Inf. let it go, Inf. let one off, turn the other way.
19. come to pass occur, happen, take place, come off, go on; befall, betide, present itself, bechance; appear, arise, come up, issue, ensue, come about.
20. pass for be accepted as, be taken for, be mistaken for, be regarded as; act the part of, pretend to be, assume the air of, sail under false colors; serve as, go for, go as, answer for; impersonate, pose as, masquerade as, make like, act like, play.
21. pass out Informal. faint, lose consciousness, black out, swoon; Inf. keel over, drop, fall, go out.
22. pass up Informal. reject, dismiss, waive, refuse, forswear, decline; neglect, miss, ignore, let go; brush aside, spurn, put aside, discount; throw out, discard, turn out, brush off, Inf. chuck out; forgo, give a miss, draw a bye, not bid, fold.
23. road, way, path, trail, course; channel, passage, canal, conduit, passageway; corridor, hall, alley, lane; defile, tunnel, ingress, way through; neck, bottleneck, isthmus; ravine, gulch, gully, crevasse, canyon, narrows; Phys. Geog. col, vale, valley, cwm, cirque.
24. permission, authorization, warrant, grant, fiat; license, authority, privilege, allowance, certification; approval, approbation, OK, blessing; release, waiver, liberty, freedom, leave, special permission; passport, visa, password, ticket, safe-conduct; green light, go-ahead, all clear, clearance, clean bill of health, Rom. Cath. Ch. nihil obstat, Rom. Cath. Ch. imprimatur; free hand, carte blanche, blank check.
25. free ticket, free admission, key, key to the city; permit, free pass, complimentary ticket, Inf. twofer; press card, courtesy card, Sl. Annie Oakley.
26.Informal. move, overture, advance, offer, invitation, proposition; wink, look, sly look, come-hither look.
27. state of affairs, state of things, situation, condition, circumstance, position; predicament, plight, Sl. fix, pinch, push, rub, straits; dilemma, quandary, perplexity, intricacy; Inf. clutch, Sl. jam, Sl. hole, Inf. mess; hot water, stew, kettle of fish, Sl. pickle, imbroglio, Brit. sticky wicket, cleft stick; emergency, exigency, crisis, urgency, extremity, juncture, closure; impasse, standstill, cul de sac, blind alley, tight corner, checkmate, stalemate; embarrassment, nonplus.
28. sleight, sleight of hand, prestidigitation, legerdemain; jugglery, juggle, trick, trickery, illusion, magic.
29. thrust, lunge, Archaic. foin, stab, jab; cut, cut and thrust, swipe, feint.
30.Sports. throw, hurl, heave, cast; fling, lob, sling, toss, flip, pitch, shot, Inf. peg; Track and Field. put, shot put, Football. lateral pass, forward pass, pitch-out, Tennis. serve.

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